elcome to Branched Off Graphic Design! I appreciate you stopping by and hope to be the solution for all of your Graphic Design needs. Websites, Logos, Identity & Branding, Product Packaging, Presentations, Apparel… whatever it is you’re looking for I can help you find the right path to representing your company, brand, or yourself in a way that is both versatile and fits the identity or look you’re going for.

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– Jon / Branched Off

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I’ve been involved in Graphic Design since 2002 and was a Co-Instructor of a Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing course at a Career College. I have gained experience working in print shops, design houses, as design lead, and over 15+ years of freelancing.


Being organized means that I always know where your files are and I have quick and easy access to them in case you need a new copy of a misplaced file, need files in a different format, or if you need a last minute edit or update before your project moves to the next step.


With both you and your project, my goal is to effectively communicate. I want to get as much information as possible about the goal/end result desired so we can find the best route to the smartest solution. Communicate visually, communicate personally.


The good folks over at VoyageLA were nice enough to ask me a few questions about my start, process, and more. Check out the full article at the link below.